Dave Konesky Property Management

Dave Konesky Property Management services mostly just the Tracy and Mountain House areas, however we do make exceptions.  My philosophy is to get a good tenant, it makes my job easier and your home look better when it comes time to rent it out again.  I charge 9% of rents collected and usually require a reserve in the account to cover any repairs.  One way to budget for repairs is to have a home warranty on the home that will cover most repairs that come up.  There would still need to be a small reserve to cover  items not covered in the plan. 

So what do I do for the 9%?  I run ads in both Craigslist and a general ad in the Tracy press.  I also put a yard sign on the property for drive by calls too.  I run the credit reports and review them.  I also try to go to where the tenant resides now to see how they keep the house they are leaving.  Once we have the application and the information to make a decision, I go over that info with the landlord to make the final determination of that Tenant.  There are no additional markups for doing repairs.  There is a small set up fee, but there are no hidden fees.  The only thing I don't do is evictions.  I use a company out of Modesto to do that, but if we get a good tenant we rarely have the need for their services.  Once a tenant is decided upon and a rental agreement is signed, we do a walk thru with the tenant.  I take lots of photos and also a move in report as well.  Once the tenant has moved in, I collect the rents and take my portion and send the rest to you. I hope this helps you make a determination on if you would like to hire me to be your Property Manager.


Dave Konesky 

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